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20 Normas Las 20 Normas para convertir a su hijo menor de edad en un auténtico cibercriminal (ESP)

The meeting point

La Família digital® is a point of contact and dialogue between parents and children in the changing context of the Internet. We look for to share and provide information about the use, law, technology, precautions, dangers, etc.

Internet, social networks, applications, mobile devices are a reality among us. Far from being a danger or threat, they can be used as a tool as well as for entertainment, and represent an opportunity for parents and children.

Immigrants and digital natives

Today, we face the unusual fact to find 'digital illiterate' parents and 'digital native' sons within the family context. Children are frequent and growing users of the Internet and Web 2.0 services in a natual way. Ignorance of threats and drawbacks in the use of those channels, in some cases, raises a challenge to both children and parents.

This is an initiative to share information about the Internet and social networks within the family of the twenty-first century.